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Planned to execute at 500 cities and areas in 70 countries worldwide. All-you-ca-ride service of Rolls Royce at a fixed price for 24 hours without any reservation, using smartphone.
Air Drop completed on February 28日
Air Drop: $100
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・Important notice: When applying for AirDrop, please be sure to participate in the social media in “Applying for AirDrop” below. If it is not executed, the winning will be invalid.

Air Drop: January 20日 — February 28日
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Total number of free copies
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Terms of service - This currency is available for only one application per person.
- Active participation in the social media community run by AirDrop providers is a condition for acquiring AirDrop rights.
- If the number of applicants exceeds the recruitment quantity, it will be decided by a lottery.
- Applicants deemed inappropriate by Bitstables and the Token Foundation will be void. In that case, you cannot participate in other recruitment.
- Winners will be informed by telegram of how to receive the AirDrop.
- The receiving token will be distributed to the Bitstables wallet, so you need to register for a Bitstables account.
- After winning, please follow the instructions of the Token Foundation regarding the timing of token distribution.
- If you do not participate in the social media specified by the Air Drop provider, you will not be eligible to win.